This year’s conference will focus on inclusivity in health and we explore the diversity of black women from all backgrounds and their health needs!! Workshops will focus on topics such as sexual orientation and gender identity, mental health, sexual health, and the negative impacts that racism and sexism has on our health. Each workshop will aim to focus on unpacking influences that can be detrimental to our health. Workshops will take place in the morning and afternoon. Attendees have the option of participating in two of the four workshops offered. Below is a description of each workshop.


BLACK, gay, female and the need for inclusive health care!

Workshop Presenter: TBA

Workshop Description: This workshop will look at how economic circumstances and gender identity have played a role in shaping health care and health outcomes for LGBTQIA patients.  This workshop will discuss specific health issues that are the focus of LGBTQIA patient care and how to advocate for our health needs and the needs of the LGBTQIA community. 


Workshop Presenter: TBA

Workshop Description: Do you possess the strong Black woman syndrome?  This is the syndrome where we have been taught to not be vulnerable and to just get stuff done regardless of the emotional impact it can take on your mind and body.  If this is you, this workshop is for you!  This workshop will discuss how depression and anxiety has impacted our community and what you can do to seek support and treatment.


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The Intersectionality between racism, sexism, and health

Workshop Presenter: TBA

Workshop Description: This workshop will examine the intersection between racism, sexism and negative health outcomes for Black/African American women. This workshop will identify and explore ways that racism and sexism has negatively impacted the health outcomes of Black/African American women, while unpacking micro-aggressions and implicit bias that Black/African American women face when accessing healthcare.The goals of this workshop is to provide tools and strategies to overcome these obstacles in order to achieve optimal health.


Getting the groove back: Optimizing Your Sexual Health

Workshop Presenter: TBA

Workshop Description: This workshop will guide participants in striving for optimal sexual health. Optimal sexual health can entail being able to have a transparent discussion with your partner on your sexual needs, embracing your sexuality, or ensuring participation in routine Well Woman Visits and Sexually Transmitted Infection/HIV testing. This workshop will offer tools and resources while aiming to eliminate discomfort with sexual health.