Doris J. Ristine Memorial Ticket Sponsorship Fund


Doris Ristine was an avid supporter of the BWHWC since the conference inception.  Every year, she sponsored many women from Sacramento and her hometown of Oroville to attend the BWHWC.  She believed the resources were valuable and that every woman, regardless of their socioeconomic status, should be able to attend.  This year, her dream was to lead a caravan of women from her rural area to the 2019 conference.  In January, we lost Doris unexpectedly and our hearts are broken.  She was a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, community leader, friend, and a social justice advocate.  


Let's contribute to her dream of bringing women to the conference.  We are asking for our guests to donate money for the Doris J. Ristine Memorial Ticket Sponsorship Fund to ensure that everyone has the access to quality health information!   


Please donate and help a woman attend this transformation event, while honoring a true advocate for women’s health.

A Healthier You! A Healthier Me! A Healthier We! Thank you!!!